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March 2017 Recap

Happy spring everybody! March has come and gone, time for the monthy recap. It sure was a busy month!  Spring has brought us longer days and so many chores! A busy but exciting time!

What did we do?

The chickens are finally allowed to go outside!

Monthly recaü: march 2017

The chickens had to go inside at the end of November due to a bird flu outbreak about 4 km from our house. On March 20th they were finally allowed to go outside again! We bought electric poultry netting* to set up a yard for them, because we want to be able to move them around the property. We have chosen not to let our chickens free range (you can find our motivation for that choice here). We are still looking into building a mobile chicken coop, but we haven’t quite gotten to that yet. For now we are happy that the chickens are allowed to go outside again, it will save money on buying chickenfeed and our chickens sure seem happy about it as well.

Monthly recap: march 2017

Broody hatched 3 chicks

In last month’s recap I told you all about having a broody chicken, and buying some Brahma eggs for her to sit on. We ended up buying 5 eggs, and 3 hatched. She is very protective of her chicks and hides them as soon as we come into the barn, so taking pictures was not an easy task. I heard them 3 days before I got to see them.

Monthly recap: march 2017

So, our hatching experience was pretty good, but we have decided that even though this silkie is a really good momma, she doesn’t really make it easy on us. She is very protective, which is great for the chicks, not so great for us. Every time we stuck our hands in the cage she would attack us, we ended up with some (small) injuries from her beak and feet. Not the most ideal situation with children.

We got part of our vegetable garden ready

We have a big stinging nettle problem, as I talked about in our march garden update. I know we can eat stinging nettles, but we have so many it is quite a nuisance. Stinging nettles spread under ground through their root system and are hard to get rid of. The place where we wanted our vegetable garden is, of course, in the middle of the stinging nettles. We don’t have a mechanic tiller so we had to till the garden by hand, which was quite a lot of work. Here’s a picture of the pile of roots we took out of the vegetable garden.

Monthly recap: march 2017

But we managed to get a decent sized patch ready for planting. So far we have planted peas, spinach, carrots, radishes, rucola and some strawberry plants. We still have a little room leftover but will need to till some more.

Monthly recap: march 2017

Bought and planted 2 trees

Aldi had a great sale on fruit trees (€4,99 per tree) so we bought a plum tree and an apricot tree and planted them in the garden. We already have a lot of apple trees, and a huge pear tree but really wanted to get some more fruit trees set up.

Monthly recap: march 2017

Cleaned out the barn

Now that the chickens are outside we reduced their inside space and have been cleaning up the barn, it is an old barn and there was lots of lumber and building materials everywhere. We cleaned all of that out and are deep cleaning everything. We have some awesome plans for this part of the barn, but I will have more on that in another blog post!

Got the roof to the house fixed

We had some really strong winds at the end of February/beginning of March, and unfortunately that took a toll on our roof. My husband fixed most of the roof himself, but there were some spots he just couldn’t reach. So we had to call a roofing company. They did awesome work fixing our chimney and replacing all the broken shingles in just a couple of hours! It’s awesome how fast something can be done with the right equipment! Our next house project will be replacing the raingutters since they have also had their best years.

Felled a big tree

There was a big tree right beside our house and the winds had caused some of the branches to come down (luckily without damaging anything), it also blocked a lot of light. We don’t really like cutting down good trees, but the location it was in gave us no other choice, and it would have to go eventually because we are planning on building a porch on that side of the house. We did end up with a lot of wood for our woodstove, which will send us money because we do not have to purchase wood from somebody else. There are two dead fruit trees on the property that also have to go soon and will provide us with even more wood.

Monthly recap: march 2017

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Monthly Recap: February 2017

What did we produce?

Eggs: 176

Meat: 0

Produce: 0

How much did we spend?

Equipment: €104,71 (electric poultry netting*)

Garden: €15,95 (seeds and trees)

Animals: €47,79 (chickenfeed, chickfeed, dewormer for the sheep)

Groceries: €365,70

Total: €534,15

Well, that’s it for the month of March, we ended up spending quite a bit more money than last month because we needed to buy the electric poultry fence. We still have some things on our wishlist but are trying to spread the costs.

We have some exciting things planned for April,the Husband has a week off so we are hoping to get some projects finished, but more on that later! If you have any questions or comments be sure to leave us a message!

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