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We just celebrated our one year anniversary of living on the homestead. Time to let you know what we learned!

Two steps forward and one step back

It seemed that every time we made a move in the right direction, we also had a set-back. Which is ok, because that is usually how life is. Our garden was jamming, and then all our tomato plants got sick. We bought a beautiful flock of Brahma chickens for breeding, and our rooster got sick. We bought ducks to help us control our snail population and they ate half of our garden.

The thing about anything in life is that bad stuff happens, but we learn for the next time. We could get sad and give up, but we didn’t, we now know what to change for next year.

We have so much to learn

I grew up on a farm, my parents always had a garden and animals, and I have a master’s degree in animal sciences. My husband grew up around gardening and animals as well. We thought we knew everything. Well, guess what? We do not! There are awesome blogs and vlogs out there to help us learn more. But we actually know nothing until we have done it ourselves.

People have a hard time understanding our lifestyle

I think people think we are pretty weird, that’s fine though, I guess everyone is weird in their own way. People come to our house and see a bunch of animals, I am sure some even think we are animal hoarders. We are not though. Every animal on our homestead has a purpose.

I am also always asking people for their “trash”, I’ll take your garden waste or kitchen scraps. Those leaves all over your yard? Bring them to our house, we’ll put them to good use.

It’s not just being different though, sometimes it’s hard to talk to people. Often people ask what you do for a living. Well, I don’t have an actual paying job, but I do work at home providing food for our family. Often people ask if I am a housewife, I have even had someone suggest that I do “nothing” and that I am unemployed. So, I may be unemployed, but I am so much more than just a housewife, and I sure as heck don’t do “nothing!”

It’s every day all day

Living on a homestead with animals ties you down, there is always a chore to do. The animals have to be fed at set times. It makes is hard to plan trips, you can go away for a couple of hours, but the animals need to be taken care of. Leaving for multiple days is even harder, either one of us has to stay home, or we have to find someone we trust to take care of things. We were lucky enough that my sister volunteered to take care of our animals this summer, so we could go away for a couple of days.

The good definitely outweighs the bad

It’s hard, it’s tiring, stuff goes wrong, and some days just suck. But the good definitely outweighs the bad. I love being able to spend so much time with my husband and kids (even though my husband has a “real” job). I love being able to put a meal together from scratch. A meal made from real food. An added bonus is if we grew that meal ourselves! I love hanging out with our animals, and I feel so blessed that our kids grow up with all these animals. I love getting my hands dirty in the garden and doing hard work to provide for our family.

One thing I have definitely learned in this last year is that we have a beautiful life.