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Picking dandelionsThe Husband came inside the other day complaining: “There are dandelions all over the pasture!” To which I answered: “Oh, that reminds me, I must go pick some later.” The look on his face told me he thought I had gone bonkers. Dandelions are known as weeds and tend to have a bad reputation, but actually they are actually great flowers!

Dandelions have a high nutritional value, you can eat both the flowers and the leaves. You can use the leaves and flowers in salads or turn the roots into tea. You can also turn them into different beauty products that are beneficial for your skin.

As with foraging any wild flower, please make sure you know the area they come from. Make sure it has not been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. Don’t pick them from the side of the road where they are covered in exhaust fumes.

We decided to go pick Dandelion flowers this weekend. This is a fun activity to do with (small) children. Our two year old is a little obsessed by the color yellow, so she was very excited to pick the yellow flowers!


I decided to turn the dandelions into dandelion infused oil, which I can then use to make other dandelion products. After picking the dandelions I placed them on a cookie sheet covered with paper towels to dry overnight.

Dandelions cookie sheet

The next day they had already lost a lot of moisture.

Dandelions dry

I put them in a jar, so that the jar was filled for 3/4 of the way with dandelions.

Dandelions in jar

I then topped it off with oil, I used sunflower oil because that is what I had most of and it is also cheap(er), but you can also use olive oil or any other kind of liquid oil. If I make another batch, I will make sure to have some more olive oil on hand, as it is very good for the skin.

Dandelions with oil in jar

Now I will have to let it sit for a couple of weeks. If you don’t want to wait that long, I read on the Prairie Homestead that you can put the dried dandelions and oil in a saucepan and let is simmer for 2-3 hours and then strain.

I ended up letting the oil sit for 2 weeks and the I filtered it using a coffee filter and funnel.

Picking dandelions

I made dandelion salve using the recipe from the Nerdy Farm Wife, I ended up making a little more. I used the following amounts:

I added the two ingredients to a container, which I then put in a pan of water, I heated this on the stove until all the beeswax had melted. After that I poured it into my little jam jars that I had sitting around (make sure to wear heat resistant gloves).

Picking dandelions

Then I let it sit to cool down for a few hours, and voila there it is, homemade dandelion salve!

Picking dandelions

We are planning on going out again this week to pick some more dandelions. So I have rounded up some recipes that include Dandelions! I have not tried any of these yet, but they are on my to do list. If you try them please let me know how they turn out!

Do you know of any other uses for Dandelions? Please let me know!