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Please, don't blame the farmer

Don’t blame the farmer for the ways modern farms are set up. I see all this talk in social media about the horrible farms and the horrible people that run them. But please take a second to think before you blame the farmer. 

Don’t blame the farmer,  he loves what he does. He has to love his job because he doesn’t get a lot out of it. Farmers don’t get rich farming.

Don’t blame the farmer, he would rather be spending time on his farm, enjoying his job, without having to defend himself.

Don’t blame the farmer, he works long days, Sundays and holidays, because a farmer’s work is never done.

Don’t blame the farmer, he deals with losses and setbacks on a daily basis, but he gets back up the next morning to do it all over again.

Don’t blame the farmer, he is following all the rules set by the government, no matter how ridiculous the rules are or how much they cost him. He is just trying to keep his head above the water.

Don’t blame the farmer for climate change, he is doing the best he can to save our planet. He is also affected by climate change, just like you and I, the growing of crops is depends on the climate.

Don’t blame the farmer, he is just doing his job. Just like you and I. Trying to make a few bucks to feed his family. Trying to provide a future for his children.

Don’t blame the farmer. It is not the farmer who changed agriculture into what it is. The blame is on us, the consumer. We choose what we buy and the farmer just supplies us with what we ask for.

If we want agriculture to change we shouldn’t look at the farmer. We should look at what is in our refrigerator, we create a demand and the industry is just reacting. Words may inspire some action, but nothing is ever going to change until we talk with our wallets.

If you want to know how the farmer feels about this situation, talk to him. You will only then know how passionate he is about his job and why he is doing what he is doing. You see, the price you see on a product at the store is not the price a farmer gets, he is lucky if he gets even 30% of the supermarket price, and then he still has to pay all his bills.

So don’t blame the farmer, he is just a regular guy doing his job, a job he loves and is passionate about. Instead of blaming the farmer, we should thank him for doing his job.

Thank you farmer!