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February 2017 Recap

That’s it for the second month of the year. Time for another recap! I feel like this month wasn’t very productive. We have so many plans and we just can’t get to them all. But every step forward is a step in the right direction!

What did we do this month?

We spend a lot of time outside cleaning up around the property and trying to get it to look the way we want. There were some things we had to get done before spring arrives.


We have three willows on the property that needed to be knotted. They are about 3 years old and this was the first time for them to be knotted. By knotting willows you create the typical knotted willow look, they grow new branches after knotting, and can grow to be a 100 years old. If a willow is not knotted the top will become to heavy after about 15 years and the willow will fall over or rip apart due to the weight. The cuttings from knotting the willow can be planted again and will start rooting and form new trees. Which we did, we planted 7 cuttings, and are anxious to see how it turns out. I will write more about the why and the how of the willows in another post sometime in the future.

February 2017 Recap


We have a small greenhouse on our property that has seen better days. We cleared it out and cleaned up all the glass so we could assess the damage and make it usable again. We are looking for some affordable glass to replace the broken glass.

February 2017 Recap

Broody hen

We have some silky hens, the are very docile and they tend to go broody easily. Which is why we have them (and also because the are fluffy!), they are great momma’s. One of the silkies is broody, so we bought five fertile Brahma eggs on which she is sitting now. We do have an incubator, and have used it in the past, but we find it easier to let the hen do the work. It saves electricity and she takes care of the chicks. After all, it is what she was made to do. The eggs should hatch around March 12th, so I will keep you posted!

February 2017 Recap


I’ve been trying to cook more from scratch. I made tortillas twice this month and the husband and kids were really excited about that. Of course I’ve been baking our own bread since last month, I swear it tastes better every time. I also made some delicious oatmeal cookies, sugar free, gluten free and so easy to make! Of course I have also been trying to cook our regular meals from scratch (I didn’t take pictures of every meal), we only popped a pizza into the oven once this month!

February 2017 Recap

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What did we produce?

Eggs: 112 (that’s almost 3 times as much as last month!)

Meat: 0

Produce: 0

How much did we spend?

Tools: 0

Garden: €5,03 (seeds)

Animals: €20,10 (the chickens are still inside so we had to buy another bag of chickenfeed to make it until the end of the month, and we spend €10 on fertile eggs for the broody!)

Groceries: €370,27

Total: €395,40

We have been trying to live more frugal, I am not disappointed! I must say that keeping track helps me spend less money, because it makes it feel more “real”.

Well, that was it for February! We are ready for spring and getting started on our garden! In previous years I always started too early, so I am trying to be patient.

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